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The Client Perspectve

Unlike many recruitment agencies, ICI works from the client's perspective. We provide companies with a higher level of service by filling specific positions or groups of positions on their behalf. We are dedicated to getting to know your company in order to communicate thoroughly its technology and professional atmosphere to potential candidates. We choose to limit the number of clients that we represent at any given time in order to dedicate optimal focus to each position outsourced to us. ICI works on a combination of retained, exclusive, and contingency projects to provide our clients with software professionals who are the elite in their field.

Our Search Firm Approach

In dealing with traditional recruitment agencies, hiring managers and internal recruiters know all too well that the placement process is stacked against them. With typical recruiting firms, a candidate's resume is farmed out for multiple interviews at various companies. If five offers are made to an available candidate, at least four companies cannot hire the candidate. It is a lengthy process in which the client's requirements invariably seem to come last.

As a search firm, ICI prides itself on being the exception to these industry trends and placing the focus back to where it belongs: on the client. We provide a higher level of service to our client companies by hand selecting candidates for each position. This significantly increases our clients' chances of hiring the top candidates expeditiously without having to go through an inconvenient bidding process and risk losing an ideal hire. ICI streamlines the recruiting process with efficiency, focus and the consistent quality of our candidates to facilitate a better hiring process for our clients.

Building Strategic Relationships

Forging long-term strategic relationships with our client companies in the Boston area is a crucial component of ICI's professional mission. Such a sustained association with a search firm like ICI can yield a reliable and invaluable resource for hiring managers. This kind of strategic relationship is mutually beneficial for obvious reasons:

"It [strategic relationships between hiring managers and outside recruiters] gives you a partner who understands your technology, your environment, your needs and your style and who's willing to do the legwork you didn't have time for. It means a few good candidates rather than a pile of resumes. It means a shorter recruiting cycle. . ."
Computerworld Magazine (March 1998)"

ICI's Candidates

ICI draws on an extensive, in-house database of candidates' professional profiles that include crucial information about their credentials such as education, experience, and skill sets. From these profiles, ICI selects exceptional candidates with the desired skills and experience whom we feel are most suitable for each position. However, in our rigorous pre-screening process, ICI goes beyond merely matching skill sets with position specifications. Our personal approach seeks to find a one-to-one match between the technical needs and demands of the client company and the professional aspirations and qualifications of a candidate. Through an in-depth dialogue with our candidates, we discuss the client company and the available positions before submitting a resume.

Quality will always come before quantity in fulfilling our client's placement needs. At ICI, we believe less is better. Our comprehensive understanding of the software industry and placement process will significantly reduce the amount of time spent filling each position. You will not see a tidal wave of resumes each week; what you will see are the candidates you want to hire. Clients need only refer to our statistics from 1999 to recognize the higher level of service to which our past and present candidates and clients can attest. The distinction in our policy is efficiency and focus.

59% of our candidates who accepted a position in 1999 only interviewed with one client.

95% of our candidates who accepted a position in 1999 only interviewed with two clients.

Consulting Services

In addition to our active searches, ICI is pleased to offer a consulting component to our client services. Our industry experience and hiring expertise can contribute invaluable insights to defining hiring demands for clients and implementing strategies for comprehensive searches. The focus of our own methods will considerably sharpen those of our clients and make for less time-consuming and more successful searches.